30 Day Anniversary Today

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30 Day Anniversary Today

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Ok we have reached a benchmark day today at 30 days old now here at this new Investors Iraq Forum. This format is different from the previous platform and folks seem to be adjusting well now. We have recreated a valid platform for valid news and information about all our addiction to this IQD Investment theorem/dream of our own making.

To review now, the previous platform crashed a few times over the past year, until it finally went totally under about 4 months ago. As details why are vague still, the best we can determine is that the previous administration for the past 18 years, willingly or unwillingly walked away (we wish them well and they have our gratitude).

At that point, after a 30 day mandatory pause, this internet property was officially declared "abandoned", and put up on the market at auction. We stepped in to secure the domain property, and proceeded to build the needed software construction to duplicate what we knew from before, that took some time and effort to understand the needed different software "apps" to produce what you all see here today now. It is not the same platform, and yes it is not yet perfect as there a few known issues still, but it is now at the point where we can claim "functionality", another random success aye?.

We are slowly seeing previous IIF forum members rediscover this format platform again now exists, and they are registering again here now. There continues to be some system errors in that path but they are surmountable if you speak up, and ADMIN will step in to assist.

Please continue to send suggestions and feedback to us as we now continue to go forward, thanks !!

CONTACT ADMIN....... [email protected]
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Re: 30 Day Anniversary Today

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Thank you ADMIN !!
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